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Foundation Problems Fixed Right

Foundation Repair
Cracking or moving foundation walls don’t stand a chance when we design and install a repair solution

Bowing Walls
Whether your walls are leaning, bulging, bowing or sagging, our team will solve the problem with ease.

Say hello to Foundation Professionals and goodbye to mustiness, wetness and dampness in your basement.

Crawlspace Repair
Our crawlspace repairs correct sagging floors, dampness and mold problems under your home.
Retaining Walls
We’ll solve your problems with foundation movement, including solutions for sinking and sagging.
Concrete Leveling
We use the latest lifting system in the industry to restore concrete that has settled. Enjoy a 5-year warranty against future settlement.

There are several causes for the foundation movement that occurs in and around your home. These causes in the Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo areas are most commonly poor compaction, soil erosion and soil shrinking and expansion due to clay content. All of these causes are a direct result of the soil under your home and its temperature and water content. All of the solutions that we offer deal with eliminating or by-passing these causes.

When it comes to repair methods, trust that we have every known solution in our industry available to us, such as:

Providing you and your family a healthy stable dry home is our goal. Doing it cost-effectively is your goal. We understand the balance between the two.

If you simply have a question about foundation repair or basement waterproofing and are not necessarily looking for a foundation inspection, please utilize the “Ask a Pro” button below.


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We figured out a long time ago that if we put too much information on the website or sent out books about the work that we do, people would begin to try to self-diagnose their basement problems. Quite often the customer was trying to design solutions that were much too large for the problems that they were experiencing and had scared themselves of the cost before we even showed up to the appointment. So rather than provide a WebMD of foundation repair, we decided to simply tell you how we operate as a business and hope to engage you in a real conversation about the exact problems you’re experiencing. Once you know all of the information we expect you will make a great decision as to how to repair your home.


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